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Nelson newsletter

June 2022

“For so the Lord has commanded us, ‘I have appointed You as a light to the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the end of the earth.’” When the Gentiles heard this, they began rejoicing and glorifying the word of the Lord; and all who had been appointed to eternal life believed.” Acts 5:29-32


Dear fellow ambassadors,

God had mercy on us and saved us by His grace so that we could be a light to others in darkness and bring them His salvation. Danelle and I are committed to this mission – loving unbelievers and bringing them the good news of life in Christ. Here are some of our recent opportunities:

Wedding in Pittsburgh There were numerous opportunities to serve and share Christ at our niece’s wedding earlier this month. Emilee and John had a beautiful and fun outdoor wedding at a local park. We are grateful we could help with setting up for the 250 guests and cleaning afterwards. It also made is thankful for our good health to be able to work hard. 😊 God opened doors for many heart-to-heart conversations during our visit. Thank you for praying!


Wedding in Wilmington My nephew, Steve Nelson, invited me to perform his wedding to Kelly Daniels on this scenic beach in North Carolina. The gospel was shared, God’s word was preached, and Christ was exalted during the service! It was exciting for me to hear from their friends and family what God has done to bring them together as husband and wife. God still works miracles among us! I have noticed that many miracles occur over long periods of time, as they did with Steve and Kelly. God used their Christian community to help them mature and be ready for this next step of faith - marriage! God has been faithful, kind, and He answered our prayers! His work is people is Beautiful!


War In Ukraine While the attention to the war may have faded from the news, fighting continues all over Ukraine. Even in Kiev this week, rockets hit the capital city bringing destruction and death. Putin also targeted civilians in a mall this week in Kremenchuk killing 18 and wounding dozens of others. We hear reports that, even while this is happening, many are coming to saving faith in Christ. Praise God!!


Prayer Requests

1.      Emilee & John Pray for this young couple to embrace Christ and His plan for their lives together. Pray too for the many other family members who still need a spiritual birth through Jesus Christ!

2.      Steve & Kelly Pray that their relationship with Jesus would be the foundation for a godly marriage that fulfills His purpose and is marked by love for believers and unbelievers alike.

3.      Ukraine Please don’t forget these freedom-loving people. Ask God to help them persevere and win. Pray for those risking their lives to bring food and medicine, as well as rescuing endangered people.  Pray for Russia to stop the killing. Ask God to bring many on both sides to Jesus Christ.

4.      Family Needs Please pray for our sister-in-law, Pat Nelson, who is at home recovering from head injuries sustained in a fall. After being in an induced coma for two weeks, Danelle’s brother Jack is now at home and in rehab for his head injury. Last of all, pray for my 90-year-old Uncle Dave who is now in a rehab facility. Pray that both Jack and Uncle Dave would both find Christ during these difficult times.

5.      Family Vacation All 36 members of our immediate family will gather at Lake Keowee, SC for a week-long vacation next month! Pray that our time would be tremendous – fun, edifying, safe, and honoring to God! We plan to have a night of worship as well as a baptism.                                       


Thank you very much for your prayers!


Yours in Christ’s unfailing love,

Steve & Danelle                                  





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