Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Nelson Newsletter - April 2018

“I am the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me will live even if he dies.” John 11:25
Dear Friends,    
Spring is a beautiful reminder of God’s redemption. It is when new life appears: daffodils bloom, new leaves appear, and animals give birth to their young. It is also a time to celebrate Christ’s death and resurrection! In the same way, God is using us to bring new life, eternal life, to the precious lives around us. Recently, Danelle and I witnessed a young man ask Jesus for forgiveness and a new life. It was thrilling! Pray for his growth and desire to reach his family and friends for Christ. Here is more news…        

 Pastors & Wives Conference Danelle and I had a delightful time with our friends last weekend. Pastor Tom Short spoke about 5 valuable things he and his wife, Roz, have learned about marriage. I thought they were worth sharing with you. 1. Have fun & enjoy one another. 2. Bring out the best in one another. Don’t look for faults. Praise their strengths. 3. Communicate daily. 4. Be hospitable. Make your home a place of peace and rest, as well as a place to serve others. 5. Be on mission, but keep your family first.    
Danelle and I enjoying Hot Chocolate with David and Mindy
David Henson Our very dear friend and fellow missionary passed away last month due to pneumonia. David was an amazing brother and a kind, compassionate servant to all! He was a close friend of ours for many years, especially when Danelle, Grace, Merry, and I lived in Ukraine. We served the Lord together side by side. Please remember his sweet wife, Mindy, in your prayers. Adjusting to life without him will be a challenge. Danelle and I will attend his memorial service this weekend in Columbia, Missouri to celebrate his life.      

David and I serving in Eastern Ukraine

Florida Church Matt Gordon, Larry Messer, and the church leadership in Gainesville invited Danelle and I to come help them seek God’s plans for their house church. From April 27 - 30 we will meet with the saints to seek the Lord in His word, have group and private discussions, and pray for His guidance. Please pray for this time. They are good people with hearts to please God!
Prayer Requests
1. Mindy Henson Please pray for God’s love and grace to comfort and sustain her.
2. Gainesville Pray for God’s wisdom for Danelle, and I and for the saints to hear from God.
3. Mother Thank you for praying for Mom. She is doing remarkably well after her knee surgery!  

Thank you,                
Steve & Danelle        
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