Friday, September 23, 2011

Nelson Newsletter – September 2011

Dear Friends,

Finally! There is a little chill in the air here in Atlanta and we are loving it! We are also excited about what God is doing here in the three house churches. One of our members recently went through an ordeal with her husband’s health. She said, “I think God brought you back just for me!” We continue to seek God, learning how to hear from Him through His word and His Spirit, minister to one another, and reach the lost.

Gospel Opportunities Recently, our son Scott, who is also in one of the house churches, gave a contractor a copy of Secure In An Insecure World. Today this man was working on my mother’s house and said he finds my book very interesting and useful. He told me he is on his fourth marriage and really needs help with relationships. Please pray for him to come to know Christ!

Columbia House Church Conference The weekend of September 30th Danelle and I are going to South Carolina to help lead a house church conference with Riverbend Community Church, which has 3 house churches at this time. We are eager to see what Jesus Christ will do to build His church in practical ways.

Support Danelle and I greatly appreciate your support! As we continue to adjust to life back in the US, it greatly humbles us to know you have confidence in us. Your sacrifice for God motivates us to be people of integrity. Your gifts help us pay the bills so we can devote ourselves to serving people. They also build our faith in God and affirm we are doing His will. If you wish to send a special gift, and/or support us monthly, you can visit the GCM website, or call the office, 407-671-9700.

Housing Update Waiting! Who likes to wait, and wait, and wait? Not me! Maybe you have been waiting on God for a new job, a spouse, children, or to change the heart of someone close to you. God has been teaching us to wait on Him to provide a house for us close to my mother, to enable us to be settled. It has been challenging to wait for months, and to look at hundreds of potential homes, especially when we already feel a little out of sorts living in the US. “Yet those who wait for the Lord will gain new strength; they will mount up with wings like eagles, they will run and not get tired, they will walk and not become weary.” Isaiah 40:31 God has given us grace to persevere and wait. We finally have a contract on a fixer-upper house just a few minutes from my mother. Praise God! Please pray we will close the middle of October and be in by Thanksgiving.

Prayer Requests

  1. The believers in Atlanta to grow in love for Jesus, one another, and be faithful to share the gospel.
  2. The conference in Columbia, SC. Sept 30-Oct 1. God would inspire, lead and meet the needs.
  3. Our financial support increase to keep us going strong.
  4. Getting settled in our home by Thanksgiving. There is much remodeling work to be done.
  5. Multiply disciples and simple churches in Atlanta, South Carolina, and beyond. (Remind you of Buzz?)
  6. We would like to return to Ukraine this winter to minister in Kiev and Odessa. Pray for God’s leading.


Yours in Christ’s love,


Steve and Danelle