Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Nelson Newsletter - February 2021

 Dear Ministry Friends,

We appreciate you! Here are some answers to your prayers for our recent work in the gospel…

Discover House Church (January 30th 10am) Our experiment to help the larger body of Christ was a success. We hosted a Zoom teaching called “Discovering Relational/House Church.” After I taught for 30 minutes, we fielded questions. The discussion was open, honest, and edifying with much participation. If you wish to watch it or pass it on to others:

Gainesville Leaders Matt Gordon, in Gainesville, Florida, invited me to speak to their church leaders about how I became a pastor. I shared what God did in my life 43 years ago - taking an immature young man and raising him up to shepherd God’s people. It encouraged me too, as I recalled what God did in my life. There are many others, especially my wife, who patiently helped me mature over the years. Then I answered a few questions. I was thankful for the opportunity to serve, even if it was not in person.

Twins Adoption Grace and Ward now have an adoption lawyer and things are progressing, albeit slowly. Pray for the completion of the Social Security paperwork necessary to finalize the adoption.


Prayer & Praise                                                                                   

1. Discover House Church Meeting - Pray for God to use the recording to help others understand house church. Pray for Ken, an old friend from Clemson, who has joined our church because of this outreach.  

2. Twins - Ask God to bless Grace and Ward with closure on adopting the twins next month!             

3. Southeast Churches - Pray for the churches we serve in the Southeast to keep growing in the grace and knowledge of Christ, sharing the gospel, and increasing in their love for one another.

Thank you for your hearts for God!    

Steve & Danelle


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