Thursday, June 25, 2015

Nelson Newsletter–June 2105

Atlanta House Church Our house church continues to learn how to hear from God and build up one another daily. We are also excited about Ed Waken coming to speak at our Regional House Church Conference August 28-30.

Grace leading our church in praise

Father’s Day We celebrated Father’s Day recently, as did many of you, spending time with our dads - reminiscing, sharing stories, laughing, hugging, and enjoying a meal together. Some of your fathers have passed on, like mine, or he’s living in another state and you could not be together. I was reminded by my children of the importance of being a godly father - setting the pace for our children in loving God and others. They are watching and following our example. One of our sons wrote to me, “Thank you for being a great dad and good example of a father.” A daughter wrote, “Happy Father’s Day!! I was listening to someone talk about their mentors - an older couple that had really built into their life and influenced them. He was saying how it had been especially important because he hadn't had his father around much when he was growing up. I couldn't help but think I was blessed to have my father around AND that same father was already such a mentor to me. Mentor really is a silly way to say it - you were a father. A really great picture of what a father should be. As a kid you let me wear your big pink cookie shirt as a nightgown. You took me on dates - special restaurants, just you and me. You prayed for me and talked to me and loved me.” It is completely God’s grace that makes any of us good fathers. It is difficult enough to be a good father, but our world increasingly attacks fatherhood. Ask God to be the father He wants you to be. And, celebrate your father as often as you can! He needs your love, prayers & support.

Grace and I on Father's Day

A New Grandson One of the greatest blessings of being a father is grandchildren. Ellsworth Henry Stansell was born May 19th into Whitney and Micah’s family. “Welcome to our big family little fella! You have a ton of cousins who look forward to playing with you and growing up together. The rest of us are praying for you to come to know the Lord Jesus and His deep love for you.

Starting Ellsworth off right with the
 virtues of Clemson Football

Prayer Requests

1) Please pray for our children and their spouses to be godly examples of Jesus to our 13 grandchildren.

2) Ask God to bring all those He wants to come to our House Church Conference August 28-30, for God to speak through Ed Waken, and for everyone to have teachable hearts to apply the truths we hear.

3) Pray for Danelle and I as we travel to Orlando, FL to teach at the LINC training program July 20-21.

With deep appreciation for your partnership,

Steve and Danelle