Sunday, August 17, 2014

Nelson Newsletter August 2014

Has the Lord redeemed you? Then speak out!
    Tell others he has redeemed you from your enemies.
Psalm 107:2

Greetings Dear Saints! We pray that you are telling others Christ has redeemed you! Danelle and I have had many opportunities to “speak out” to believers and unbelievers alike this summer. Thank you for making this possible through your support and prayers. Some of the highlights…


LINC Danelle and I taught the students in the Atlanta LINC program, our third LINC this year. Their enthusiasm for our Lord, and their desire to bring others to Him was contagious. Steve enjoyed teaching the Orlando staff and interns (photo above)) about the church, one of his passions. Not sure what Mark Groff was smiling/laughing about in the photo below. –Smile


Praise Reports and Prayer Requests

1. Praise God with us for Kevin’s spiritual growth! We meet weekly to read the word and pray. He told me last week while we studied Paul the apostle, that he was so thankful for God sending me as an apostle to him. I am too! Thanks to you all for making this possible. Please continue to pray for Kevin to develop a heart for others.

2. Danelle and I had a delightful time this summer with our daughter Julie, and granddaughters, Jasper and Dewey from New York (photo right). Danelle was able to help Julie continue her sewing business, while we all had times to go for walks, swimming, and even a trip to the beach with Scott and Maria’s family. We miss them already.


3. Our daughter, Meredith, has a new job starting next month! It is only a temporary job with her current employer Habitat for Humanity, she will have more income, and it could lead to permanent employment. Merry thanks God for His provision!

4. Danelle and I have been able to Skype weekly with Katia in Spain and Rocio in Mexico! As many of you know, we lost touch with Rocio (photo below) for months after she returned home to her daughters. Both of these women are young believers and need your prayers for growth and to lead their families to Christ. Please pray for God to give us wisdom to build into them, and for local fellowship.


Yours on mission,

Steve and Danelle