Monday, June 26, 2017


“He who separates himself seeks his own desire, he quarrels against all sound wisdom.” 
       Proverbs 18:1

A good friend of ours decided to go rogue and fight his battles alone. We all knew it was a bad idea. It was an idea from the Father of Lies, the devil Himself. He knows that isolating us makes us vulnerable to his deception. We are weaker when we are alone.

One can be a part of a church, attend the meetings, serve in a ministry, and still be isolated. On the other hand, we are protected from the dangers of isolation when we choose to be open with our Christian friends about our weaknesses and our fears. We are safe when we ask for their encouragement and prayers. Being active in a church and involved in meetings, large or small, doesn’t automatically protect us from the danger of isolation.

The Christian is also “separated from God” by not reading His word. No, we can’t be separated from God and lose our salvation. (Hebrews 13:5-6) We can be separated from fellowship with God. The devil accomplishes his purpose when he keeps us from hearing freshly from God through reading the Bible and applying it to our lives. Satan wants to get us and keep us in a place of weakness and vulnerability.  He wants you isolated. Where are you today? Are you isolated and living in a dangerous place? If so, get help. Find someone you can trust and share your deepest secrets with, someone who sincerely cares and will love you back to Christ.

Good news! Our friend came over the other night, recognized his mistake, and was reaching out to us for help. He told us that all the text messages and prayers we sent his way were not unnoticed. Praise God!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Nelson Newsletter - June 2017

“Sow your seed in the morning and do not be idle with your hands in the evening, for you do not know whether morning or evening planting will succeed, whether this or that, or   whether both alike will be good.” Ecclesiastes 11:6

Ukraine Mission Trip We had a rough start to our trip. I had an extreme reaction to vertigo and ended up in the hospital. I felt dizzy when we left for the airport and when we arrived I could not walk. We prayed that I would recover, as people were counting on us. But, after two and a half hours on the airport bench, we missed our flight, and headed to the doctor. We never made it. The pain was so intense that I passed out. Therefore, we detoured to Piedmont Hospital. They suspected I had a stroke, but after numerous tests, they concluded I was fine. Praise God!

I sincerely thought I might go be with Jesus, instead, we flew to Kiev two days later where God did many wonderful things. Also, the airline didn’t charge us for the change. Here are a few ways we “sowed seeds.”

Danelle and I spent a day with Gennady & Lena from Odessa. (pictured here) They came to Kiev to be with us, since we did not have the time to travel to them, due to my illness. They have a Christ-centered family, which is a much-needed example in Ukraine. Please pray for them to continue to share the gospel and for God to use their new book on parenting to influence many to turn to the Lord Jesus.

Danelle taught a conference, “How To Pray For Your Husband” our first Saturday in Kiev. She received much positive feedback from the ladies expressing how helpful it was. One lady volunteered to print and laminate 30 copies of the prayer calendar for all the attendees. Please remember to pray for these marriages and families who are under attack as they are here in America.

  Danelle Teaching


                     The Wives Praying Together

“Finding The Love of Your Life” Conference

The second Saturday we both taught college students about godly relationships and how to prepare for marriage, contentment, and how to be secure in God and His love before marriage. The conference was scheduled to last 5 hours. Instead, it lasted 7 hours due to their eagerness to learn, discuss, and discuss how to apply the truths they heard to their lives! 

A letter from Maksym, our friend & translator. Max is pictured in the back row on the far left.)                      

Hello Steve and Danelle, “I thank God for the honor and the joy to participate with you in this conference today. It was fun to see you and talk to you after such a long break. Many things have happened since the last time we have seen each other and I am very thankful for this opportunity to catch up and to talk a little. It is a special blessing to see you as a couple staying strong in following and serving our great God all these years. Be sure to know that you two are a great example and an encouragement to many.”

A Few Discussion Groups

 We visited our goo friend Sonich 

Danelle and I led chapel for Maggie Palatov's Christian school. She and her husband, Ivan, are our long-time friends.

Our dear friends and missionaries, David and Mindy Henson, helped set up for the Danelle's seminar. They also helped organize our the Finding The Love of Your Life conference for the college students. They were a great blessing!

Prayer Requests

1. Ukraine Please pray for the wives at Danelle’s conference & the students at the relationship conference to apply the truths they heard. 

2. Unbelievers Pray for these friends we want to come to Christ –our lifeguards Joyce & King. Folks at the car wash - Jairo, Michael, Joel and Edwardo. Ask God to save Abel and Francesca & their son, Abel. Pray for each member of our church to sincerely care about those without Christ, show them God’s love, and boldly take the good news to them.

3. LINC (July 9-11) Pray for God to prepare Danelle and I to teach students about leadership & evangelize with them in Orlando at LINC. For God to capture their hearts with Himself & His mission.

4. Nathan & Merry Our daughter, Meredith, and her husband, Nathan, are moving to Atlanta next week! Please pray for their faith in God to grow as they make some big changes. Ask God to use this to make them more faithful and fruitful for the Lord Jesus. We are so happy to have them in the area!

Sowing God’s Seeds,
Steve & Danelle 

                 11002 Lake Hart Dr, Suite 100, Orlando, FL 32832