Friday, September 28, 2018

Nelson Newsletter - September 2018


Dear Friends,    
Paul and Barnabas reported to the church everything God had done on their recent mission trip. It was God who saved lives and made disciples, not these apostles, and they knew it.

God is doing things in and through all of us today! “It is God who is at work in you, both to will and to work for His good pleasure.” (Phil 2:13) Here are some ways God has been working through us recently.
Eric baptizing Natalie, Clara, & Luke

Atlanta House Church Our church celebrated the new birth of Natalie, Clara, and Luke Morris with their baptism on a beautiful September morning! Their father, Eric, baptized his children as we all rejoiced. Then we gathered under a shelter to read the Scriptures, pray, and worship the Lord together. While we were under the shelter, a peaceful summer shower appeared as an added blessing. It was also a blessing to have our friends, Alla and Alek, come up from Warner Robins, Georgia to celebrate with us that morning.

You may remember that we baptized Eric a few years ago in the frigid Chattahoochee River. Apropos for the occasion: “The jailer brought them into his house and set food before them, and he rejoiced greatly that he had come to believe in God, together with his entire household.” Acts 16:34

 Granddaughters. Danelle and I had a delightful visit with our daughter, Julie, and her family in NYC. We took our granddaughters, Jasper and Emilia Dewey, to Massachusetts where Emilia learned how to ride a bike! We went swimming in a few magnificent lakes, ate lots of tasty local ice cream, read Count Zinzendorf’s inspiring biography (we highly recommend it), went to a local auction for fun, had discussions about baptism and salvation, and ate more ice cream - just because we are the grandparents! God gave us many sweet memories. J


                                     Prayer Requests

1. Atlanta Church Pray the parents in our church to love and train their young children well. As you know, it is becoming more difficult to raise godly children in our society. They need God’s grace.

Sveta is one of our church members and long-time friend. Her father died last week after being sick for many years. He and his wife have been living in the war zone of eastern Ukraine. Her mother plans to continue living there. Please pray for Sveta’s mother’s relationship with God, as well as for God’s comfort for Sveta and her entire family.

Pray for my friend, Elmer to come to know Christ. He is a father with three young children, whose wife left recently left them. Pray for her salvation and the restoration of their marriage. Elmer is currently reading Secure In An Insecure World in Spanish. Here is the link if you know someone who needs a good book about marriage:

2. NYC Family Please pray for our 2 granddaughters, as they start new schools, to find Christian friends. Pray for our daughter, Julie, as she makes some important business decisions and looks for a new church. 

In front of Jasper's new school

Thank you for being a vital part of what GOD is doing!         

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