Sunday, May 12, 2019

Nelson Newsletter - May 2019

Dear Friends,

Danelle’s Health At the last minute, we were unable to attend the Pastors and Wives Retreat this year due to Danelle’s health. This past month has been one of countless doctor visits and tests for Danelle which all came up very suddenly.  One issue was that her heart rate was stuck at 150-170 bpm. The doctor put her on medication, which has given her a lot of nausea and headaches, but lowered the bpm. Thank God! They also did a PET scan for cancer, since she has had a persistent pain in her side for 10+ years. The results showed no cancer, but instead discovered some issues with her liver that she is still being tested for. All of this has been unnerving, but we are at peace knowing that God is in control. In the meantime, she is just left for South Georgia to help our daughter, Stephanie, who just gave birth to their fourth child. Your prayers are greatly appreciated for Danelle, Stephanie, David, and baby Esther Alice Shirley.

St. Petersburg Church Danelle and I plan to return to St. Petersburg May 17th – 21st to encourage the church and strengthen their faith. They are planning an Outreach while we are there to help an elderly neighbor and we are looking forward to working alongside with them in that as well as touch base with different ones while we are there. We stay in touch with Jon and Pam Trunk between visits through Skype calls.

Prayer & Praise
1. Atlanta House Church Continue to pray for Cathlyn to find an actuary job, maybe even here in Atlanta, so that she can stay with our church. Pray for Anna Groff, pictured here with her brother Michael. She graduated from Georgia Tech and took a new job making prosthesis in Tucson starting next month. Ask God to provide a great church family for her and to continue to use her to bring people to know Jesus and grow in Him. We will miss her greatly!

2. St. Petersburg Church Ask God to give Danelle and I discernment and wisdom by His Spirit to minister to the church next weekend, May 17-21. Pray for their hearts to grow in love for Jesus and others.
3. Stephanie’s Baby Praise God for Ester Alice Shirley, born on May 10th! She came on her mother’s birthday & our 44th anniversary. J She is our 16th grandchild. We are deeply grateful!
4. Danelle Praise God for answered prayers for her health! Pray for continued insight to help her heal & recover.

We are thankful for you and your prayers,        

Steve & Danelle   

                        11002 Lake Hart Dr, Suite 100, Orlando, FL 32832