Monday, July 23, 2018

Nelson Newsletter - July 2018

Dear Friends,     
Marriage was ordained by our Creator for our edification and pleasure, as well as for proliferation and the joy of raising children to know and love Him! Marriage is sacred and holy. Godly marriages and families are the foundation of the church and our society. No wonder Satan is constantly attempting to destroy them. Enjoy reading how Danelle and I were privileged to participate in a Ukrainian wedding, family activities, and a future marriage.

Alla and Alexandyr, and his son, Daniel

Wedding In Georgia We met Alexandyr 20 years ago when he and his sister came to our house in Canton to bring us some gifts to take to Ukraine on one of our mission trips. A few years ago we found out he was going through a painful divorce. I was able to travel to central Georgia to meet with him, comfort and encourage him, and help him commit his life to Christ. Last year Danelle and I met Alla in Kiev during a mission trip. She wanted our counsel about a young man named Alexandyr who lived in Georgia – yes, the same Alexandyr! They got to know one another through Skype as well as Alexandyr went to Kiev to meet her. They grew closer and decided it was God’s will for them to marry. They called and asked me to do the ceremony. It was beautiful service. It was also the first marriage I had translated into Russian! Please pray for them to grow in Christ and have a strong marriage. Alla doesn’t speak English and has never lived in America, to go along with the challenge of just getting married! We hope our Ukrainian friends in our church, Alex and Oksana, will be able to reach out to them and help them adjust.  

Wedding In Pennsylvania Danelle’s niece is getting married August 11th and asked if I would perform their ceremony. We were honored and heartily agreed! We also explained to them how we want every couple to have a good marriage that will last a lifetime. Therefore, we always have premarital counseling with the couple to help them start well. So, for several months we have enjoyed encouraging sessions on Skype with Kelsey and Eddie. Their desire to honor God and put Him first in their relationship has been refreshing. Please pray for this new couple to continue to seek God first and His purpose for their marriage. They need God’s grace as well as our prayers and support. 

Grandchildren Summer provides more opportunities to spend time with our grandchildren, and this month has been fantastic! We have been to the Botanical Gardens, Fernbank Science Center, swimming numerous times, and had many cookouts and walks together. Our granddaughters from NYC, Jasper and Emilia Dewey, were able to spend an entire week with us. We had great discussions about spiritual birth, God’s character, and read a biography of Lillian Trasher. (We had never heard of this woman before. It made us realize that there are thousands of fruitful Christian heroes whom we have never heard of that we will meet in heaven. May that be us as well!!!) The girls were so captivated by her life that they didn’t want to stop reading! They were eager to learn to pray out loud, as well as to read the word of God! Our times praying together were so rich that they reminded us why God gave us children! 

 Steve, Danelle, Jasper, & Dewey
       Prayer Requests

1. Alexandyr & Alla Ask God to help this new couple to find good fellowship, and to grow in their devotion to one another.

2. Atlanta Pray for our friends pictured here, Abel Israel, Abel, and his wife Francesca. We enjoyed dinner together at a Mexican restaurant recently. The parents are believers, but Abel Israel isn’t yet. We have shared Christ with him numerous times over the years. We continue to meet weekly with his parents to read the Bible and pray together. Pray for our lifeguard, Ace, who is reading Steve’s book, to trust Christ as his Savior. Pray too for our church to continue to become a close family that reflects Christ’s love to our community.

3. Family Pray for the upcoming opportunities this summer to build our children and grandchildren’s faith in God. Ask God to save the grandchildren who don’t know Him yet, and to help the kids who know Him to grow stronger in faith. Pray for their parents to disciple them and be good examples to them. Pray  too for Eddie and Kelsey who will be married August 11th in Pittsburgh. Pray for their love for others to grow as a result of their growing relationship with Jesus.

Thank you for your love and prayers!         

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