Thursday, January 28, 2021

Nelson Newsletter - January 2021

 Dear Ministry Partners,

Thank you for your faithful and generous support of our ministry! Your prayers make all the difference in our work. That is why we publish our monthly letter with current needs and gospel opportunities.

Discover House Church (January 30th 10am)  This Saturday at 10am we are hosting a Zoom meeting for anyone interested in discovering more about House/Relational Church. We will host an hour meeting with teaching about how to be the church on mission with each person following Jesus and learning how to love one another, serve one another, build up one another, and encourage one another. If you, or someone you know, wants to participate, please use this link. Join Zoom Meeting: Meeting ID: 828 6522 8086 Passcode: 238401

Twins Adoption  After 18 months of fostering, Grace and Ward have been given new hope in the adoption of the twins. Their mother signed over her rights and said she is very thankful the boys will have such good parents and be raised in a Christian home. Pray for the final paperwork to be completed soon.

New Book  Steve is writing a new book about the value of a good work ethic and how to help adults, as well as children and teenagers, embrace God’s eternal values for their lives. Please pray for the grace to be disciplined and for the Holy Spirit to inspire him as he writes. Thank you.

Prayer & Praise

1. Discover House Church (Zoom Meeting) - Pray for God to bring the attendees, and for those of us who will be leading to have God’s wisdom and meet the needs as we answer their questions.


2. Twins - Ask God to bless Grace and Ward with closure on adopting the twins in February!


3. New Members - Pray for the new people gathering with our church to catch God’s vision of every member a minister, lifestyle evangelism, and a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.


4. New Book - Please ask God to help Steve write this book with a view to inspire many embrace work!


Thank you for being our team in the gospel!


Steve & Danelle            




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