Thursday, July 2, 2009

Nelson Newsletter – July 2009

Running For Life Camp.
God did beyond what we imagined during our first running camp! He answered our prayers - 20 high school students participated in Running for Life in Kyiv, Ukraine. We had a fantastic team of 5 Americans come to teach running, basketball, Ultimate Frisbee and share their faith in Christ. The students were enthusiastic about sports, soaked up the love and attention, and openly participated in our small group discussions. They heard 14 different testimonies from Ukrainians and Americans! (left: Margaret & Emily share their testimony as Maksim translates.) Our goal was to develop relationships with the parents as well as the students. Therefore, on the last day we held a track meet and invited the parents. We were delighted that 12 of them came. Many of them expressed their deep gratitude for what we had done for their children. A number said they wanted to continue the relationship and invited us to their homes. Every Saturday morning at 9am, I will meet with students who expressed an interest in going for a run, hanging out and continuing our spiritual discussions. Your prayers were an integral part-thank you!!!

Dima & Aaron with their boys Anya, Luda, Alona & Nastia Anya defending Sabina with ball
Sasha shares (left) what
he liked about camp.
The American team. Steve draws in the sand
sharing Christ with Anya.

Making disciples of Christ,

Steve and Danelle