Friday, February 7, 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Hopefully you are reading this before Valentine’s Day as there are some time sensitive prayer requests included in this letter. While the world often wonders if real love exists, we Christians are grateful to know what true love is and to be able to live daily in our Father’s compassion. God is love! Remember, “We love because He first loved us.” (1 John 4:19) Now God lives in us and empowers us to love others self-sacrificially. Here are some recent ways He has been loving us and others through us.

House Church Conference (January 24-26) Thank you so much for praying for our 5th regional house church conference. We read and discussed the book of Ephesians, heard church updates, and prayed for each church’s needs. Dave Putthoff (second photo) spoke about the church and how we can follow Christ as our head/leader, with each member growing and helping to disciple others. He also encouraged us to be on mission with Jesus reaching our world with the gospel. Here are some photos of the event. In the photo below, Jon Trunk is speaking during our “What is a healthy church?” discussion.

                                      Prayer & Praise

1. UGA Student Seminar - February 10 Pray for the UGA college students who attend our seminar on relationships. (see poster below) Rich & Mary Katherine Suplita invited us to speak. Pray for many to come and with hearts open to the gospel and find true love in a relationship with Jesus!

2. House Church Conference Pray we would continue to think, pray, and apply what He showed us. Since the conference, an unbeliever in St. Pete, Jeremy, came to know Christ through the church there! Praise God! Pray for Jeremy to grow. Join us in praying for others we know to give their lives to Jesus.

3. Granddaughter Wilhelmina finished her 5th round (of 17) of chemo today for the bone cancer in her leg. She did much better this time. God is answering your prayers for her, Matt & Amanda, and her brothers, Briscoe & Ferris. Her surgery is planned for three weeks. Thank you for praying!

4. Foster Twins - February 10 there will be a hearing for the twin’s possible adoption. Pray for God’s will to be done. Grace and Ward would like to adopt, but they are trusting God for His plan.  
5. Skin Cancer I will have surgery in the next few weeks for skin cancer on my ear. Pray for complete removal.

6. Sisters Weekend - February 7-9 Danelle will join our 5 daughters and daughter in law for this weekend. Pray that they would be able to relax, rest, and be revived in their love for Jesus, each other, their families, and others.

Thank you so much for praying!  

Yours in God’s true love,     

Steve & Danelle