Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Missions Report - April 2004

Dear Friends and Fellow Workers,

The ministry at the University of Georgia is going very well this spring. Our house fellowship has been very encouraging. We start with fellowship and a meal that everyone helps to prepare. Then we study the Bible (we just finished 2 Timothy) and pray for one another every Wednesday night. I have been excited as different ones have taken ownership through serving, teaching and caring for each other.

One very exciting thing that God is doing with our house fellowship is that 6 students are going with me to Ukraine this summer. We will evangelize through English clubs with missionary/pastor Robbie McAlister. Robbie is a long-time friend from South Carolina who lives and works in Kiev with his wife and three sons. Our team of 14 are trusting God to use us to help many Ukrainians find God this summer. We will go June 25-July 12. If you can send a gift of any amount to Woodstock Community Church to help me cover the $2,060, it would be appreciated, and it is tax deductible. Please make your gift out to Woodstock Community Church.

The past four weeks I have been preaching to students outside at the University of Georgia for 3 hours each Wednesday . I give answers to their many questions about who wrote the Bible, man’s freewill, Jesus’ deity, homosexual marriage and other religions. I share many verses and point them to Christ. There are many who come back each week searching for life. One young man named Matthew has come out each week for hours at a time to interact with me. He gave me a book about Buddha and asked me for a Bible. I am taking it to him Wednesday! One cold, cloudy, windy day, Will stood there for an hour asking me questions. He was shaking because he was so cold, but he was hungry! If he was willing to brave the cold, then so was I! After I finished last week, a young man named Chris came up to me and told me that my preaching was the highlight of his day. He said he came 20 minutes early to class each week just to hear me speak! Praise God! Please pray ask God to save some of these precious lives before school is out.

A team of 21 from WCC are going to LaCeiba, Honduras May 28– June 6th to treat people in the clinic and serve. Please pray for much fruit from this outreach.

Will receiving a gospel book Matthew is seeking and asked for a Bible!
Family Matters
Scott, Grace and Julie and Matthew Newton are going to Ukraine in June. Pray for the Newton’s to know God’s will, graduate school in Oregon or teaching in Atlanta? They graduate in May. Stephanie graduates in May from high school and will attend Georgia College and State University next fall. She is excited about going off to college and being with her good friend Jessica Bennett. I am going to run the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 19th at noon. Please pray for me to run strong for God’s glory. My wife, mother and sister are going to cheer for me.

Thank you for your support and prayers!