Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nelson Newsletter - October 2008

International Church Conference God brought 50 men and women from Belarus, Moldova, Russia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine for a four day conference. They were invited to participate because they are practicing house/simple church in their countries and want to multiply these churches. It was a unique conference with many open discussions where we shared from our heart what God was teaching us. The love and unity was amazing, considering that most of these believers had never met. We discussed leadership, discipleship, and evangelism. Several times we prayed together, asking God to save specific unbelievers. We also asked God to send out more workers into the harvest. Please pray for our role in their lives. This may involve traveling to their countries to encourage and train them. Did you notice that Danelle has a halo? Is it the reflection from my running jacket, or did I truly marry an angel?
Our House Church We meet in our home each Sunday as a church with a small group of young believers. The concept of each person participating is catching on very well. We would like to see them own this and run with it, leading people to Christ and multiplying these groups across Kiev and Ukraine.
Sports School Outreach Olympic coach Vladimir and his son Anton came to our apartment recently. Danelle and I answered their many questions about God and shared Christ with them. Praise God!
New Ministry Video David Mansfield was here helping us make a new video about our ministry in Ukraine. We are thankful for David’s expertise, and we eagerly anticipate the results!

Prayer Requests
  1. Our language studies: Danelle has a new tutor she likes. We would both persevere.
  2. Our health: it has been one area of spiritual attack.
  3. Our house church: the young believers mature and that God would save people through us.
  4. New churches: in Cherkose, Chernigov, and the countries above.
  5. The birth of James Nelson: for Maria and James to be safe and healthy. It will be soon!
  6. My father (Don Nelson): health problems.
Serving Christ in Ukraine because of you,
Steve and Danelle