Friday, June 16, 2006

Chernigov Report - June 2006

Hello Praying Friends,
Chernigov Summer Camp
We just returned from a week of ministry in Chernigov, a city of 305,000, 90 miles from Kiev. Danelle and Merry worked with a children’s Bible club led by Sandra Dixon from Atlanta. I went to observe the Highmark business seminar, led by Dale Dixon, and prayerfully consider how to help follow up new believers from both of these outreaches. It was a productive week with about 30 children hearing about the life, death and resurrection of Christ and opportunities to share the gospel with the attendees of the business seminar and the translators. Praise God!
We also had a productive meeting with a young Baptist pastor, Igor, and two of his supervisors about his vision for the new church he is planting. Mt. Vernon Baptist Church from Atlanta (my parent’s church) sent several members to research the spiritual conditions in Chernigov, so they were also a part of this meeting. Mt. Vernon has been doing ministry in Chernigov since 1994. The business seminars originated with their members and they have used that tool to reach out in Chernigov for years. They were looking for a church that they could partner with to follow up interested attendees. Mick Stockwell, Southern Baptist missionary and supervisor over the countries of the former Soviet Union, was the mediator of our meeting with the Ukrainian Baptist leaders. Mick, and his son Daniel, came up from Kiev on Friday and gave us a ride back to Kiev that evening.
Please pray for:
  1. The young people and business men and women who heard the gospel to get saved and any who did trust Christ to grow in Christ. The translators Sasha and Andrew, a secretary, Leda, a businessman, Sergi. Ask God for more time to share Christ with each them and the Holy Spirit to convict and save!
  2. The decisions Mt. Vernon Baptist is going to make about their future in Chernigov and if we should work with them.
  3. Our next youth outreach (June 18-23) in Chernigov. Sarah Batchelor is coming over from Atlanta to work with Danelle, Merry and I.
  4. My time in Chernigov with Igor and another American pastor named Jake, who has been church planting in Ukraine for 7 years. I need discernment about their character, doctrine and goals and I want to encourage them in the Lord.

Thank you all so much for praying. It does make all the difference. It is eternal business with eternal rewards!

Love you all,