Sunday, July 16, 2017

Nelson Newsletter - July 2017

“Now He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness.” Isaiah 12:4-5

Happy Summer Dear Friends!

Who doesn’t enjoy eating a sweet, juicy watermelon on a hot summer’s day and spitting the seeds out on the ground? It is fascinating to think that one seed contained everything necessary to grow the entire plant and its fruit!

Summer is the time for many of us to slow down, enjoy visiting family, go on vacation, watch some baseball, swim, or go fishing. It can also be an opportunity to build friendships with those who don’t know our Savior – to plant some spiritual seeds! I was encouraged the other day when my son-in-law told me how he volunteered to help a new neighbor move in. I was proud of him for sacrificing his time (on July 4th at 10:30pm!) to sow some seeds by showing the love of Christ to a stranger in hopes of telling him the gospel in the future. 

Here are some opportunities we have had to sow God’s seeds:

Students in Orlando Danelle and I traveled to Orlando to participate in the annual LINC training program for college students. Steve spoke on, “Leadership Is For Everyone,” one evening to the enthusiastic participants. What a great group of young people! We also joined these young people on the UCF campus sharing the Christ with the students.  Danelle and I were struck with the lack of understanding of right and wrong. The moral compass is either missing or broken in so many of their lives. They truly were “like sheep without a shepherd,” as Jesus described the lost to His disciples. Please pray for God to awaken the youth in America to His purpose for their lives!
Danelle sharing Christ on UCF campus. The sign seemed to explain what we were doing, except our “counseling services” were Christ-centered!

The students at LINC during our teaching on Leadership.

House Church Conference (August 11-13) The churches in Gainesville, Raleigh, and Atlanta will gather for our annual house church conference. We plan to have more personal care, interactive Bible teaching, prayer, and fellowship this year. Please pray for us to hear from the Lord, be encouraged, and refreshed in the mission of reaching the world. We want to sow more seeds!                                                          
Prayer Requests

1. LINC Pray for the students at LINC to apply the truths about leadership they heard. Pray for their last few weeks to be fruitful with personal growth and people coming to know Christ. Pray for those who come to know Christ to become part of the church in Orlando and grow in their faith.

2. House Church Conference (Aug 11-13) Please pray for the Spirit of God to prepare our hearts to hear and obey all that the Lord Jesus shows us. Pray for our love and friendships to get stronger. Pray for our passion for the lost to increase. Pray for God to be glorified in our entire time together.

Sowing God’s Seeds,
Steve & Danelle  

                    11002 Lake Hart Dr, Suite 100, Orlando, FL 32832