Sunday, July 11, 2004

Missions Report - July 2004

Dear Friends,
Every time I return to America I am asked, “How was your trip to Ukraine”. I can honestly say I have never led a mission to the former Soviet Union that was disappointing. This was the best outreach that Spring of Hope Church has ever had according to pastor Andre Yukhymenko and the American missionaries. Why? I think it was because many of the 120 people involved in our English Clubs attended the Sunday church service, the Saturday picnic and the excursion. I also noticed that attendance did not drop significantly during the two weeks of class. That means our students enjoyed it! There were some new members added to God’s family too! Thank you for praying and giving to make it all happen. I see you as vital partners in this ministry.

Jewelee (3rd girl on right) & our class! Felix-our new brother!

Here are some testimonies from a few of our students….
“In the past 2 weeks this class change my opinion about God and I want to know more about Jesus Christ and God. Maybe I become a believer. Yes, I become a believer.” (Felix- who did get saved)
“In this class I met really good and really kind people. I have not seen so many kind people in one place before.” (Alexey)
“I began to understand Bible better, especially those parts that we studied. Thanks to Steve’s explanation.” (Galina)
This is from an e-mail I just received from Galina.
“Thanks a lot for the Bible that Masha handed on me from you! It was surprise for me (and very good surprise). I asked Masha about English-Russian Bible but I even didn't imagine that book would be yours. Once more thanks for everything that you have done for us. Your lessons, coffee-breaks, excursion, outing - all of these were wonderful! Bye, Galina.”
Grace’s devotional was awesome! Scott and Sarah’s class
Pastor Andre and Steve

Thank you for your support and prayers!