Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nelson Newsletter - September 2007

Kickoff English Club
Danelle and I met with our friends Vlaude and Lena last night to plan our English club. We will begin this weekly outreach on Tuesday, September 25th. We ask you to pray for God to bring new people and draw them to Jesus. We already have several new folks who plan to attend.
Ukraine Elections Soon!
Ukraine will have national elections September 30th, about the time you read this letter. Please pray for Ukrainians to care enough to vote, to believe they can make a difference and understand that only Jesus Christ can provide real hope! They need a revival!

Moscow Marathon
My friend Ivan and I traveled to Moscow where I ran the Marathon and he ran the 10K. Ivan is a lawyer and a new believer. We had rich fellowship during our travels, shared the gospel with numerous people and saw God answer our prayers.
It rained very hard and the wind was blowing like crazy during the marathon, but God gave me grace to finish in four hours. We met my friend Julia in Moscow. She became a Christian in 2003 in Belgorod during the English class. It was so good to see her growing strong in Christ. She was so hospitable to us that I told her we could see Jesus living in her. Praise God! Then we went to Belgorod to visit Svetlana, my first interpreter, and her family. Sveta became a believer in 1994 and is also growing in her faith. God has blessed her and her husband Max (far right) with a new baby named Uliana (in grandfather’s arms)!

Please pray for:
  • European Pastor’s Summit
  • Mentoring the leaders at Spring of Hope Church
  • Open doors for outreach at the Sports School
  • Perseverance in learning Russian
  • Merry and the students at KCA to grow in Christ
  • Julie and Jasper’s visit to Kiev in October

United with you to reach Ukrainians with the gospel,

Steve and Danelle