Monday, May 1, 2017

On Top Today

“And they shall devastate the pride of Egypt, and all its multitude shall be destroyed.” Ezekiel 32:12

Who remembers Mean Joe Green, Lynn Swann and Terry Bradshaw? They were some of the great football players of the NFL world champion Pittsburgh Steelers! My wife is from Pittsburgh and I have heard numerous stories from her brothers and relatives about this legendary football team that was led by star quarterback Terry Bradshaw. They had a dynasty that ruled the professional world of football. They were on top!  But what happened? Where are they now? They fell from prominence like every other great football team, athlete, or nation.

In the Bible passage above from Ezekiel 32 God is pronouncing His judgment on the superpower of the day- Egypt. Egypt ruled! Egypt was on top. But now was the time for their fall because of their sin and pride. What can you and I learn from this?

First we can see that pride and all evil will be punished. It may not be today or tomorrow like you would have it if you were in control. It may not be until we see Jesus. Justice will come from God. Therefore, you can be at peace and confidant that evil will be punished and your toil is not in vain in the Lord. Everything you do for Christ will count and you will be rewarded, even if evil rules for the moment.

Second, you may be on top today for having done what is right in God’s eyes, but you will not be there forever. You may presently be “on top” at work, in your church, with your family or in your personal life. But, are you prepared for the changes? Is your hope in God or the good fortune? What happens when the changes come and life is hard, out of control and unfair? Even Christians who are serving God faithfully will experience blessings from God and then persecution, trials, hardship and even death come along. It is not because we have sinned, but in order to make us more like Christ, help us believe His love and trust Him without reservation.

Tell God right now that you want Him to be your hope, your first love and to keep your eyes on Him and not your circumstances. Thank Him that the evil you see in the world will be judged here or in heaven. Thank Him that He is on top and you are there with Him!

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