Monday, November 20, 2023

Nelson Newsletter - November 2023


But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect.”  1 Peter 3:15 NIV

Dear Friends,

In the verse above, Peter was instructing fellow believers to always be prepared to give an answer for the hope they had. What did he mean? How do we follow this instruction today? First and foremost, Christ was to be their hope – their source of life! When this is true, the believer stands out among those whose hope is in other things or other people. When we chose to allow Jesus to run our lives, to be our Lord, then we will care about others and want them to come to know Him as well. We will be prepared to explain why we have peace, joy, and contentment.

It's never about the _______... tire repair, groceries, or the dentist. You fill in the blanks for your life. It’s always about the people! Don’t miss the people!!!

                                                 Jose', Tork, & Eugene reading my testimony tract

This week for me, it was not about the light fixture. I went to Lowes to purchase a $5 light fixture for our basement. I was checking out and there were three employees there and no other customers. A few weeks ago, I edited and reprinted my testimony tract to pass out. Doing this helps me have lost people on my mind (to be prepared) and stay active in sharing the Good News with them. I offered Jose’ my tract in English or Spanish and explained what it was. He enthusiastically asked for the English version. I only had a Spanish version left to give Tork, who could not read Spanish. So, I asked Jose’ if he would mind if we switched, since he could read the Spanish version. He was fine with that. As I was walking out to my truck, I remembered that I had more English copies in the console. I returned with an English copy for Jose’ to see all three of them huddled around reading it! I was excited that God was speaking to them! I was thankful that I was prepared for this opportunity. Please join me in praying for God to prepare their hearts to come to Christ, and for me to meet them again. I encourage you to be ready to give an account for the hope you have in Christ! I would be happy to help you write your testimony and get it printed.

Maggie and Ivan Our Ukrainian friends brought their son to go to school in Georgia. They stayed with us for a few days while they were here. It was a time of mixed emotions. Hearing about the war in Ukraine, from people living in the middle of the trauma, was heartbreaking. They continue to hear the air raid sirens and flee to bomb shelters, sometimes hearing explosions in Kiev where they live. Their faith in God is real! It was also encouraging to hear about the hunger for the gospel in Ukraine. God works amid hardship, maybe even more when He has our attention!



Nelson Thanksgiving We are happy that almost all of our family will be here for Thanksgiving – 35 in all! At every table, each person will share what they are thankful for. Thanking God for what He has done, prepares us to trust Him what He wants to do in the future. Please pray that all of our hearts would be prepared to love and serve one another!

   Pastors & Church Leaders Praying

Pastors & Leaders Conference. Thank you for praying for our leadership meeting in Charlotte a few weeks ago. We always enjoy catching up with one another personally, hearing news from each church (both the positive and the challenging), praying together (photo), doing church business for our region, and hearing seminars on helpful subjects. My seminar, “Finish the Race,” went well. (Please send me an email if you want to listen to the audio and watch the Power Point as well.) The questions at the end of the teaching always let me know that hearts and minds were touched. We seek to encourage each other in the work of making disciples in our cities and around the world. Collaborating in the mission with others of like heart is a blessing!  

 Prayer & Praise

1. Atlanta Church Ask God to motivate us with His love to build relationships with unbelievers and to be prepared to share the gospel of Christ with them. Pray for the Lowes’ employees too.

2. Illinois Church David and Stephanie asked us to pray for Kofi and his family and Kerianna and Jeffery’s family. Both families participate in the gatherings, and both need the Lord Jesus.

3. Virginia Church There has been some turnover among the believers in Portsmouth, but there seems to be new life – fresh faith because of the newcomers. Please pray for love and unity.

4. Pastors & Leaders Conference Pray for all the people in the Southeast who are leading the churches we are associated with. They need protection, encouragement, courage, compassion, wisdom, and faith in God to equip the saints to do the work of disciple making for God’s glory. Your prayers prepare them to face the challenges with faith in God! 

5. Please consider a special year-end gift for our work in the gospel. You may want to become a monthly partner. Either way, please visit: to help us be prepared to make disciples in 2024. Thank you!!

Yours to be prepared,

Steve & Danelle



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