Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Nelson Newsletter - July 2019

Dear Partners,
Atlanta House Church Have you noticed how God often uses our past to strengthen us in the present and give us hope for our future? We want to “look back” for your edification by sharing these words from our former church members, Ana Groff and Cathlyn Yong. Ana wrote, “Being a part of the ATL house church was home for me and moving away has made me miss it. I knew that I was meeting with an awesome group of godly people. We knew one another’s struggles and joys and were encouraged by praying for each other. I loved the intimate experience of reading God's word together and seeing how He showed each of us how to apply it. I felt so supported in my journey with God and reaching others and hope to find something similar in AZ.” Cathlyn said, “Praying is a struggle for me because it requires me to acknowledge that I am weak and I need the Lord's help. I became a part of the AHC in March of this year. During the past four months with the AHC, I have been encouraged to pray more and to pray all the time every day. It is humbling to see how grateful the church is, with persistent thanksgiving and petition of request to the Lord, even though some church member had faced the same challenge for months or years. Not only the church gives thanks for God's provision, but most importantly for our salvation through the blood of Jesus. Because of that, I have learned to admire the character of God, to have joy in my salvation, and to pray more.” We will miss them greatly!

National Pastors Conference The pastors had an excellent time of fellowship and teaching last month in Minneapolis. Peter Scazzero spoke to us about the Emotionally Healthy Leader. Very practical & helpful! A highlight for me is catching up with dear friends who have been faithfully serving Christ for decades. Here is a photo with pastors Dennis Clark and Seth Rosenzweig.

            Prayer & Praise
1. Pittsburgh & Virginia Ask God to give Danelle and I grace for our trip July 18-28. We will visit Danelle’s family in Pittsburgh and then travel to Virginia to see the Shirleys. Pray for Spirit-led conversations with her family. Then we plan to discuss and pray with David & Stephanie about starting a house church in Portsmouth. Julie and her two girls will drive down from NYC to meet us in Virginia. Pray for fun and meaningful times with the 6 grandchildren as well. Pray too for safe travels & quality time with Danelle.  

2. St. Petersburg Church. Danelle and I are returning August 9-11 for a weekend with the church teaching and discussing God’s purpose, the church, and how they can follow Christ together. Pray for teachable hearts willing to change & make disciples in simple, organic ways.

3. Grace & Ward Pray for them as they foster infant twin boys! They need God's supernatural strength & sleep!

We are deeply grateful for your prayers,      
    Steve & Danelle   

                        11002 Lake Hart Dr, Suite 100, Orlando, FL 32832

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