Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Nelson Newsletter March 2017

Raleigh Church Danelle and I took a road trip a few weeks ago to visit Barry and Kris and the church meeting in their home. What a pleasure it was to see what God is doing with them and to enjoy rich fellowship. They are reaching out to internationals in the area. Meeting the physical needs of unbelievers has opened many doors to share the good news of Jesus. Their Christ-centered family is attractive and speaks powerfully to unbelievers. Danelle and I were thrilled to meet one family who recently decided to trust Christ as their Savior. They prayed out loud with Danelle and I and told us that was their first time to do so! Please pray for God to continue His beautiful work of transforming lives with these saints in Raleigh.

UGA Outreach & Abel  Eric Morris, a member of our Atlanta House Church, and I went to Athens to  speak with the college students about knowing God. We met Chet Boyd and Edwardo Gomez, friends with One Hope Church, to have lunch with Abel. Edwardo shared with Abel how he came to know Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. He said Jesus changed his selfish life to one who sincere loves others. Abel soaked it in and openly shared his struggle with doubt and letting God take control of his life. Keep praying for Abel and his family! Eric and I had several good conversations later that afternoon with students, including Vieda, a coed from India. We also met Mason, who just gave his heart to Christ in January, after his friends showed him how. God is alive and saving lives!!! It is an honor to play a part!

Chet and Edwardo sharing the gospel with Abel  

Local Outreach Update I went to the car wash this week and had an excellent conversation with Jairo! We spoke for over an hour about spiritual matters. God is drawing him to Christ! Danelle and I met with Christian & his wife, Maria, from Ecuador. They invited us over to their apartment where we enjoyed getting to know one other and explaining the gospel. They both seem to know the Lord, but they lack assurance. Tim, our lifeguard, is reading my book! We had a meaningful conversation today about salvation by grace, peer influence, and marriage. Tim and his girlfriend are expecting a baby in July.

Ukraine Mission Trip (May 9-22) Plans for our trip to Ukraine are materializing as God answers your prayers. Please continue to pray for Danelle and I as we prepare to teach conferences, and for those who attend to have hearts willing to trust and obey all that God shows them. Your prayers make the difference!

Prayer Requests

1. Unbelievers in Atlanta Pray for those we are seeking to win to Christ in Atlanta -including Jairo, Paul, Michael, Abel, Francesca & her husband Abel, Carolina, Austin, and Maria & Christian.

2. Pastors –Wives Retreat (March 31- April 1) Pray for John & Sandy Hopler who will be leading us.

3. Ukraine Mission Trip (May 9-22) Ask God to show us what He wants us to teach in Kiev and Odessa. Pray for us to be filled with the Spirit as we teach, love, and serve the believers. Thank you to everyone who has given to make this trip possible! 

Yours on mission with Jesus Christ,
Steve and Danelle  

PS.  I just found out from my DNA that I am 7% Irish! J

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