Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Missions Report - May 2005

Dear Friends,

This is a brief letter about our status on moving to Ukraine and other recent issues.

Thanks to each of you who have given to support Danelle and I! The move to Ukraine becomes more real each day. We sense God’s call stronger each day and thank you all for your gifts and prayers to allow us this privilege. A special thanks to the Smiths and Hickmans for hosting a reception for us in Columbia, SC. Several people indicated they want to help us and it was fun to see old friends! We are currently at 85% of our support goal. GCM will release us to go when we reach 100%. Please pray for this to happen by July 4th when we go to Colorado for 5 weeks of training. We plan to leave for Ukraine shortly after we return on August 23rd.

Remembering the time at Georgia will always bring great joy to my heart. Thank you all for interceding for the students and for me as I preached the gospel and made disciples. It was an honor to represent you all and our Lord Jesus. Here are some of their thoughts.


How your ministry affected me: I had been reading the Bible and I believed in Christ, but I still was not grounded in an understanding of what it means to believe in Christ. At that point I wasn't sure that I was matter-of-factly going to Heaven. I met you in front of the library (2 years ago) and you asked me if I was a Christian. I said yes-- I believed. But then you asked me if I knew I was going to Heaven. I had thought that I was and I had just read the passage in Romans 10 about believing and being save, but I saw in inside myself that the belief that I was forgiven was very weak. (It was very hard for me to accept God's grace.) Then you invited me to a Bible study and I've been going to some form of that original group ever since.

As for my life now, I still have a hard time accepting God's love. I want so much for that piece of knowledge to sink from my brain to my heart. It would change everything. It would be a domino effect into my life and the people around me. I'm still very insecure about myself and what God thinks of me. My prayer is for that to change. I love you Steve. Thank you for being there at the right time.



Our good friends Eric Morris and Sarah Fletcher were in our ministry at Georgia. They will be married on June 10th! We thank God for them!

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