Saturday, July 23, 2005

Missions Report - July 2005

Missions Training in Colorado
In July GCM sent us to Missionary Training International (MTI) for five weeks of training to prepare us for our overseas work. It was awesome! The staff at MTI were all veteran missionaries who wanted each of us to be successful on the field. They sincerely cared for us! They were knowledgeable because of their experiences and knew what cultural challenges we would face. They told us that it would be difficult and why. They also prepared us on how to avoid these common pitfalls.
The language acquisition was also very helpful. They encouraged us to “own” our language learning and not be overly dependant on a school or teacher to help us learn Russian. If we were going to learn Russian it was going to depend on us. They explained the importance of hiring a language helper, getting out into the community and using the language and emphasizing listening and understanding before speaking. It gave Danelle and a lot of hope as we looked at the “huge mountain” of learning Russian. We were told to enjoy learning, to have fun, even though it would be difficult.
Our friends from our home church, Woodstock Community Church, and all over America came along side us in the last few weeks, offering support in many ways. We received the love of God from our family and friends and this made this step of faith possible. We praise God for everyone who gave us gifts, the financial and emotional support, the serving and the prayers. We know what it is like to be sent to share Christ in a foreign country with strong support from a great team!

We love you all!

Steve, Danelle, Grace and Merry

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