Thursday, June 27, 2024

Nelson Newsletter - June 2024


Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations” Matthew 28:18

 “We proclaim Him, admonishing every man and teaching every man with all wisdom, so that we may present every man complete in Christ.” Colossians 1:28

Dear Saints,  

Granddaughter’s Graduation Jasper Newton is our oldest grandchild. After many years of hard work and faithfulness, she graduated from a prestigious high school in New York! Danelle and I were able to go up and participate in the graduation last week. We enjoyed celebrating her achievement after years of hard work. Have you noticed how our faith gets stronger after years of prayer and faithfulness we see something come to fruition? Graduation was the culmination of a long-term goal!

Great Commission In a similar way, our Lord gave His disciples a huge goal. He commissioned them to go love lost people and proclaim the gospel to the entire world. He said, “teach them to observe all that I commanded you.” Go make disciples who will make disciples. Multiply! The scope of the mission – the entire world! Wow!

That seems like an overwhelming goal - until we break it down, divide it up, and trust God. I heard this once regarding how to reach a daunting goal. “The only way to eat an elephant, is one bite at a time.” In the same way, “The only way to reach a world with the gospel is one soul at a time.” We can only accomplish this goal if all of us pitch in, trust God to love through us, and boldly share Christ in word and deed by the power of the Holy Spirit. Evangelism is more than a simple message. It is a life to live. Jesus said, “Be holy even as I am holy.” It is being Christ-like.  We can eat that elephant if we are controlled by the Holy Spirit! We are eating that elephant! Success requires each of us being committed, patience, perseverance, living godly lives, and seeking God in prayer!

   Prayer and Praise

Atlanta Church Ask God to continue to motivate us with His love to courageously love unbelievers, to develop close relationships, and to engage them in gospel conversations. Pray too for us to have godly marriages and Christ-honoring families to impact our culture.  

Our Family Please pray for our children and their spouses as they seek to raise godly children. Being a godly example of Jesus to our children, as you know, is challenging. They need God's grace!

Carbondale Church David and Stephanie continue to reach out to people in Carbondale. Stephanie recently gave Secure In An Insecure World to a young lady deeply hurt by her parents.  Stephanie said, “She absolutely loves it! Your book has been super encouraging in helping her deal with her pain.” Please pray for healing for this young lady. Pray too for more people to come to Jesus through this church!

Ukraine Our church continues to pray for the war to end in Ukraine with a victory for the defenders fighting for their freedom. As the war drags on, and Russia causes more tragedy and suffering for Ukrainians, it is vital that we stay on our knees and intercede for them. Pray too for the Christians to continue to have faith in God, love others, and share the gospel. Pray for Valarie and Misha, who are leading ministries to wounded soldiers, the widows and children of fallen heroes, and for the gospel to spread in both countries. Thank you!

Yours in God’s grace,

  Steve & Danelle               



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