Saturday, September 14, 2019

Nelson Newsletter - September 2019

“Who does great things, [beyond understanding,] unfathomable, yes, marvelous and wondrous things without number.” Job 9:10 Amplified

Dear Saints, we pray you are giving God a chance to show you the marvelous things that Job spoke about. He wants to do wondrous things in your heart and through you for others. Here are some of the marvelous things He has been doing with us recently…
Atlanta House Church Our church is seeing God do wondrous things! Growing in faith comes from trusting God with the tests, trails, and responsibilities. Grace & Ward have been tested by fostering twin boys, who are now 3 months old. 😊 Danelle has been at their house several days a week helping Grace get some rest. The boys are beginning to sleep longer. Yeah! Recently, Grace & Ward’s AC died, adding to their challenges. It has been in the 90’s for weeks with no end in sight! They are thankful the new unit being installed this week. Praise God! Our church is also reading The Meaning of Marriage, by Timothy Keller. We highly recommend it!!!

St. Petersburg Church Danelle and I returned to St. Petersburg August 16 -18 for a workshop on living as the New Testament Church. (photo below) It was an excellent time together reading in Corinthians and discussing how to apply it. A group of them have decided to meet as a house church, love one another, and reach out to their community with the gospel. They are excited, united, learning, growing, and enjoying the journey! Danelle and I stay in touch with Jon and Pam Trunk with phone calls and Skype. Please pray with us for them to keep trusting God.

Virginia Church Plant Our daughter, Stephanie, and her husband, David, moved to Virginia Beach a month ago with their 4 children. They have already met several people interested in fellowship. One couple has come the past 3 weeks! They want to start a house church there.

Prayer & Praise
1. Atlanta House Church Pray for our marriages to grow in Christ and be an aroma of Him to our communities. Pray for God’s strength for Grace and Ward. Ask God to bring people to Christ.
2. St. Petersburg Church Danelle and I need discernment and wisdom to build into this church. Pray for them to expect God to do “marvelous and wondrous things” in & through them.
3. Virginia Church Plant Pray for David and Stephanie to love people to Jesus. Pray for this new couple to unite with them to reach people and to grow in Christ together as His church.
4. Young Couples Danelle and I have been counseling 3 young couples who are all getting married this fall. Please pray we would help prepare them for marriage. Pray for them to all find close fellowship in the new places they will be living and to have Christ-centered marriages.

Thank you for your support and prayers,         

Steve & Danelle   

                            11002 Lake Hart Dr, Suite 100, Orlando, FL 32832

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