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Nelson Newsletter - December 2107

“But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid; for behold, I bring you good news of great joy which will be for all the people!”  Luke 2:10

Merry Christmas Dear Friends!

It is difficult to escape the constant barrage of bad news from the radio, television, and internet. Murders, car accidents, hurricanes and floods, immorality, and deadly diseases are common stories that can leave us depressed and feeling hopeless.

Praise God there is “good news of great joy which will be (is) for all the people!” God does love all people and can change any life willing to come to Him in sincere repentance and faith. He is using you - your prayers and gifts to make this happen through our ministry. Here are some highlights from 2017.

We began the year with a God’s Will For Your Life conference in Clemson, SC for students (2 photos below). In addition, I returned a number of times to evangelize with Brian Bridgman and their student ministry.

In May we traveled to Ukraine. Danelle taught a seminar on prayer (below #1), and together we taught students about healthy relationships (below #2).

Our Southeast House Church Conference in August was just what God ordered (3 photos below). The churches from Gainesville, Raleigh, and Atlanta enjoyed rich discussions and support for one another as we learned how to hear from God together. It was different. We all left loved and envisioned.

Atlanta Outreach God has given me a passion to help the “average” Christian be faithful and fruitful in their relationship with Him, their family, and in the marketplace.  Here are some ways God is using this in Atlanta. Danelle and I continue to meet weekly with Abel and Francesca. They came to Christ two months ago and we are impressed by their desire  to read God’s word, as well as by the questions they have written down each week to ask us. They also have a passion to see their son, Abel Israel, and other family members to hear the good news & come to God too. Several weeks ago, I met Jesse from Eritrea at our local coffee shop. He had only been in America less than a month. I gave him my personal testimony tract the first time we met. He is eager to meet. Pray for us to find the time to meet, as well as his salvation. God continues to help me model taking every day situations and turning them into gospel conversations with the men at the car wash and lifeguards at the pool.

Danelle & Francesca
House Church Our church is growing in faith in God through responsibilities at work, raising families, and serving one another. God’s plan is to use each of these to help us grow our faith in Him and His word. Sometimes it may seem insignificant to live faithfully and be responsible, but it is His seminary training and extremely important. If we fail to be faithful servants at work, at home, or with one another, then the world is not drawn to Jesus. They don’t see the Lord alive in us if we grumble and complain about our work, or we are lazy and selfish at home. Please pray for us to keep growing in faithfulness to Christ, dependence on His Spirit, and living under His grace.   

                Alex & Oksana                    
Faithwalkers Conference (Dec 28-30) Danelle and I will teach a seminar at our annual conference in Asheville, NC. Pray for us and the 600 students to hear from God and apply truth.

Prayer Requests

1 Atlanta House Church Pray for us to grow in faithfulness in little things, godly character, our devotion to prayer, and compassion for the lost in our city in 2018.

2. Local Outreach Pray that Jesse and I would be able to meet & for his salvation. Pray too for Jairo, Michael, Harvey, Ken, & others to see Christ living in us & receive the good news!

3. Faithwalkers Conference Pray for Danelle and I as we teach a seminar, “How to Start Spiritual Conversations,” at the Faithwalkers conference, December 28-30 in Asheville.

4. Our Personal Support Finally, please pray for God to supply our needs. The last few months we haven’t been able to receive our full paycheck due to a shortage of support. If you wish to give a special gift at the end of the year, please follow this link to give on line. We appreciate it very much!  Thanks to all of you who support us month after month, as well as with your special gifts!

Yours in Christ’s love,  

Steve & Danelle    

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