Tuesday, November 8, 2016

What Do Voting and Dating Have In Common?

So then, you will know them by their fruits.  – Matthew 7:20

This may sound odd, but dating and voting have important characteristics in common. They both involve making a decision: which partner to marry or which candidate you want. How does one make a wise decision, one you can live with for four or more years in the case of a politician, or the rest of your life in the case of a spouse?

Wise counsel will tell you to vet your candidates, either for your elected official or your life partner. To jump in without thinking it through, without knowing the person and what they stand for, has gotten a lot of folks into trouble. We have seen the fallout in politics with the many disappointed and angry voters. Similarly, the lack of caution and discernment in choosing a marriage partner has led to a large number of divorces. How can you avoid the disappointment and heartache?

Vetting—a thoughtful examination of the person's history—is how you protect yourself. It is wise to carefully and critically evaluate your choices. When emotions and rhetoric are the only criteria for evaluation, you will surely be misled. Remember, words are cheap. Look at their fruit! The fruit of honesty, integrity, being a team player, and self-control must be evident.

Please read God’s Word and believe it to protect yourself from bad relationships and candidates! Become secure in Christ to the point that you are not looking for a mate because you are lonely, insecure, and unhappy. Learn when you are depending on your emotions more than God’s truth when evaluating your candidates. Ask God for wisdom and discernment to inspect their fruit!

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