Friday, September 23, 2016

Nelson Newsletter - September 2016

Greetings in Jesus’ name!

Like many of you, summer is a special time for family. Here are some of our family highlights and prayer requests, as well as news from our spiritual family. Enjoy!

PA and NY Trip Danelle and I traveled almost 3,000 miles to be with our family in August. We had a fantastic trip. One highlight in Pittsburgh was a special dinner and outdoor showing of their childhood movie, “Bold World!” The kids in their neighborhood used a Super 8 Camera to film a movie they stared in. It was the 50th anniversary, and many cast members showed up for the celebration. Danelle’s brother Danny, and his wife Kerry, went all out collecting old movie props and providing movie snacks from that time period. We enjoyed many laughs and a few tears during the evening. The entire weekend was encouraging, including several spiritual conversations. God answered your prayers (again) for Danelle’s family.

Then we drove to NYC and picked up our granddaughters, Jasper and Dewey. My brother graciously allowed us to use his cabin in Northfield, Mass for the week. Dewey learned to ride a bike! We read & discussed the book of Esther with Jasper (she’s 9 going on 19!), and had fun hiking, eating ice cream, and swimming. Thank you Kurt! Thank you Lord!!! He answered your prayers again!

“Respect everyone, and love the family of believers. Fear God, and respect the king.”      1 Peter 2:17

Tampa Conference Timmy Powers and I attended a conference in August on discipleship in Tampa sponsored by Big Life Ministries. Our good friend Forrest Head invited us to this week of intense training. We also enjoyed fellowship with the Pavel VopaleckĂ˝ family and their team from the Czech Republic. Timmy and others have worked with them over there. It was cool to meet those that our house church had fervently prayed for! Lord willing, we may see them next year in their country to spread the gospel!

Atlanta House Church Our church in Atlanta has been asking God to reveal Himself to our families and friends. We’ve been praying for all of them, including our grandchildren, to come to know their need for the Lord Jesus and come to know Him personally. Would you please join us?

Prayer Requests

1. Timmy Serving in Europe. Timmy will be in Europe the next 5 weeks, & his wife Kenyon will join him for 2 of those weeks. Pray for hearts to be open as they teach & train nationals. Pray for God to make more disciples who will start more spiritual families (churches).

2. Pittsburgh & NYC Family Pray for God’s mighty work in our family in Pittsburgh & New York to bless and to transform their lives!

3. Clemson Outreach & Regional (October 20-22) I will join Brian Bridgeman for a few days of outreach to Clemson students. Then Friday & Saturday is our regional leadership meeting. Pray for students to be open to the Lord. Pray for God to lead our leaders meeting as well.

4. Regional House Church Conference (October 28-30) Please pray for the churches from Raleigh, Atlanta, and Gainesville as we gather in Charleston, SC to hear from God and apply truth to our lives. Pray too for Todd Watkins, our conference speaker, to be filled with the Spirit and wisdom. We want to grow in our love for the Lord Jesus which will overflow in our love for each other and those who aren’t in the family of God.

Thank you so much for being part of our family!                                
Steve and Danelle 

   11002 Lake Hart Dr, Suite 100, Orlando, FL 32832

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