Saturday, November 14, 2015

Nelson Newsletter–November 2015

Dear Teammates,

It has been an exciting month since we last reported. Here are a few highlights of what God has done…

Atlanta House Church One of our members has a son-in law, Mason, who had a brain tumor removed recently. His headaches got so bad that they performed emergency surgery. God answered prayers and it was successful! Afterwards though, Mason suffered from a condition called ataxia that inhibited control of his muscles, including his eyes and mouth. But, God answered our prayers as his father-in law wrote recently, “His left side continues to have ataxia, so it's a little harder to control his movements. All this said, they are still confident in a 100% recovery and the doctor said that he will get most of it back within the first few months but it could also take a year . God is awesome and we are thankful for His healing hand! Isaiah 41:10.” Pray too for Mason and his wife Carissa to keep trusting God and experience His peace during this long process.

Nathan Langley, who was baptized recently, enlisted in Coast Guard and begins training in January in Maine.


Virginia Tech Danelle and I had a refreshing time with the Ablaze Church in Blacksburg, Virginia last weekend. It built our faith to see what God has done through Tony and Desire’ Pierson and the church. We spoke and led a discussion about marriage Saturday night, and Sunday Steve spoke on “The Life Transformation of God’s Love”.


One of the students wrote this thank you note to the church after the weekend. “Thank you to all who have touched my heart…I was blessed numerous times over the past week as I attended a worship night and I was honored to meet Mr. Nelson who wrote "Secure in an Insecure World". This book, which I have been reading for the past 24 hours, has greatly impacted my life for the better. And for those who know me well, Ya’ll know I do not read for fun!” Praise God for how He answered your prayers! Thank you so much!

Prayer Requests

 1) Nathan – leaves in January to serve in the Coast Guard. Pray for his growth & good fellowship.

2) Mason - Pray for his continued healing, as well as peace & strength for his wife Carissa.

3) VT Conference - For God to continue His life-transforming work in those who attended our meetings and more students would turn to Christ.

4) Thanksgiving - Pray for all the Nelsons who will gather over the holidays to edify one another.

Yours in Christ’s unfailing love,

Steve and Danelle

Go Tigers!


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