Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Gospel Story

WHAT Secure In An Insecure World Readers are saying…

Recently I gave two copies of my book, Secure In An Insecure World, to our HVAC installer, who has worked for us many years and is a good friend. He sent me this text a few days ago...

"My wife liked your book. She would read parts out loud that she had heard me say. I've yet to read it, but my wife informed me on most everything. She did not read the entire book to me!

My daughter wants her copy. I keep forgetting to give it to her. They really need to read it. It could save them a lot of problems down the road."

Who do you know that reading Secure In An Insecure World "could save them a lot of problems down the road?" Consider purchasing a few copies to give away now, or to have on hand for later. You can find the book on Amazon in English or Spanish. It is also an e-book for Kindle or I-pad, etc.



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