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Nelson Newsletter–June 2014

Spain Mission Danelle and I had an excellent mission trip to Pamplona, Spain. Thank you for interceding on our behalf! Please pray now for the dozens of college students and others who heard the gospel to respond to God’s voice. A personal relationship with God was foreign to most of them. Steve taught on The Word, The Church, and Conflict Resolution to the LINC team. The “Finding the Love of Your Life” weekend seminar impacted lives. The three discussion sessions after each part proved to be beneficial for practical application of the truths. We also had numerous informal counseling sessions that God initiated and led.


Dom Baptizing Iris, a Chinese student.

One such miraculous God-ordained meeting was through AJ Ozanich, one of the college students on our team. AJ met Oksana, a Ukrainian woman, near our apartment one Sunday morning. With his limited Spanish, he told her that there were some Russian speaking people on our team. She came to the Spanish church service where we met her briefly. We arranged a meeting with her the next day, and she brought her good friend, Katarina. Danelle and I were amazed at their hunger for God and His word! God gave us grace to speak with them in Russian. J We met with them four times, each time having deep discussions about how to grow in Christ, their marriages, and getting to know them.


Kevin Here is a photo of our friend Kevin, who recently trusted Christ. This picture was taken after dinner and Bible study at our house. He will be baptized June 14th in the river! Then our house church will celebrate with a party at Grace and Ward’s place.


Kevin and Steve after Bible study

Orlando LINC Next week we will be in Orlando to help Mark Groff and the students with the LINC program from June 10-14. This will be similar to the training and outreach in Spain. We will teach several seminars and share the gospel at the university and do outreach through sports. We covet your prayers.

Timmy’s Testimony Read how the good news of Jesus Christ transformed Timmy Powers’ life. This month’s featured testimony tells Timmy’s journey through life where he discovered that Jesus was much more than a historical figure. I for one am very thankful that he did, and because of his relationship with Jesus Christ, we have been close friends and coworkers for 25 years! Enjoy Timmy’s story and share it with others!

                                                            Prayer Requests

Spain Follow Up   

1. Pray for Iris (pictured) when she returns to China in July, because she does not know any Christians in her city. Pray for fellowship, continued growth, and courage. Her parents aren’t happy about her new faith.

2. Pray for Oksana and Katarina as they both have difficult family situations. Pray that we would be able to Skype regularly with them to study the Bible together. Pray they would find Ukrainian speaking Christians in Pamplona.

3. Pray specifically for Tomas, Eduardo, Echum, Filipe, Isabelle & Andor to become followers of Christ.

4. Pray for Serg, Martin, Maria and Julio, Filipe (a different one) to continue to mature in Christ.

5. Pray for Dom & Domaris Marrone and their three children to rest in God’s grace as they serve as missionaries in Pamplona. Pray that they would see breakthroughs with Spaniards coming to faith in Christ.


Pray for the team of students who are already there to be good testimonies at their workplace. Ask God to save students and others, and to unite them with the church. Finally, pray for us to be effective communicators and loving servants while we are there.

Yours on mission,

Steve and Danelle

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