Thursday, April 17, 2014

Nelson Newsletter April 2014

Happy Spring! We welcome the warm weather, flowers, honey bees, and new life. This letter targets a few new life stories from our neck of the woods. We trust they build your faith in God!


Stephanie’s New Life This month we feature our daughter Stephanie’s testimony, “Having a Child.” She has been faithfully sharing Christ by using her tract featuring her family as a point of common interest. She tells us that God has been using it to keep her actively involved in outreach, even though she is a mother of a toddler and expecting in September. She asked that we pray for her and her husband David to inspire others in their small group to reach out. Enjoy!

Kevin’s New Life! A young man named Kevin, our lifeguard at the pool, is a new creation! (2 Cor. 5:17) Our house church has been praying for Kevin’s salvation, and Danelle and I have befriended him and shared truth with him for three years. I finally had an opportunity to share the entire gospel with him two weeks ago. We discussed his anger with God over his grandparent’s health problems, the purpose of the commandments, and salvation by grace through faith in Christ. Then I asked him what prevented him from giving his life to Christ. He thought for a moment and then said, “Nothing!” I told him that the decision was between himself and God, and I explained what he needed to do. Since he was working, I encouraged him, “Later on get alone with God, and talk to Him out loud, because it will help you think about what you are saying. Then tell Him that you a sinner and you want to surrender control of your life to Jesus.” Three days later he did just that! Praise God! He has come to our house for dinner twice in the last two weeks so that Danelle and I could help him get started in his new relationship with Jesus Christ. He is eager! Please pray for Kevin’s growth and desire to share Christ with others.


New Lives In Pamplona, Spain Danelle and I are headed to Spain in one month to teach, train, and bring new life in Christ, May 15- June 2. We will assist Dominic Marrone (in the photo) and the church with outreach to college students, as well as training the American LINC team. Please pray for us to prepare for the numerous teachings and the relationship seminar using Steve’s book – now in Spanish! We will take both the English and Spanish copies to use to reach students. Please ask the Lord to provide the remaining funds for the trip as well. We still need $2,000 in special gifts. If you want to help us, go to and click “Give.” Enter 5951 and follow the prompts. Thank you very much!

Yours in Christ’s love,

Steve and Danelle

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