Saturday, November 25, 2006

Nelson Newsletter - November 2006

First Grandchild!
Jasper Louise Newton came into the world, reluctantly, on October 12, 2006, over a week after her due date. But, our daughter Julie did very well. She had a lot of support from her husband Matthew, grandparents, great grandparents, aunts and uncles. God has blessed us with this precious life!
Long Lost Friend Seven years ago, while on a short term trip to Simferopol, Ukraine, I met 15 year old Alla on the sidewalk. Our
team was waiting to go inside for our evangelistic meeting when I just said “Hi” to Alla as she walked past. She and her friend stopped and talked with us. After I returned home, we corresponded back and forth for a year and I wrote to her about God’s desire to have a relationship with her through Jesus Christ. I prayed for her often, and the following year when I returned to Kiev, she came up for a visit. Shortly after her arrival, she prayed and invited Jesus to be her Savior and Lord. It was beautiful! God had prepared her heart. I heard from a friend that she had married a Christian and they had a son. Unfortunately we lost touch. When we moved to Kiev last year I wrote to her but never received a reply. I assumed we would never meet again this side of heaven. Well, last week she called! She was in Kiev and wanted to come see us. I was shocked! She came over with her sister Anya and we had a wonderful visit. She told us that a few years ago her husband left her for another woman. She also said that her father died two years ago. We prayed before they left and Alla was in tears. She hugged Danelle like she was her own mother! Please pray for Alla and her son. Pray for her sister Anya who probably is not a believer and lives very close to us. Anya cuts hair and Danelle is planning on seeing her soon to get her hair cut.

Mentoring Leaders It has been a great joy to spend time with the leaders of Spring of Hope Church. They are men who are eager to seek God and do all that He desires for them and the church. I just meet with them again last night. I came away excited and thankful for men who are serious about living for Jesus Christ and loving His people and the lost. Pray for them please. Soon we are going to start the elder evaluation process with four of these leaders to see if they are ready to be appointed as pastors. We need God’s wisdom and grace.
Evangelism Opportunities I have had opportunities recently to share the gospel with numerous people in restaurants (Alexander), in the market (sisters Anya and Larissa), in our home (Vlaude) and even over the phone to a friend (Natalie) in Russia. Please pray for these people to place their faith in Christ! After the conversation with Alexander (with my friend Victor interpreting), I was freshly reminded that this is why we are here. This is what life is all about - giving people an opportunity to go to heaven!” Victor enthusiastically agreed.
Weddings on the Horizon Our two sons will be getting married, December 9th and January 5th. Danelle, Merry and I are going back for the weddings. Please pray for our sons and their wives to start off depending on Christ and walking in the Spirit. Thanks!
Thank you for making it possible for us to serve our Lord here in Ukraine! Please consider us in your end of the year giving plans and pray about helping us with a special gift at this time of the year. Make your gifts out to GCM – the address is on this page.


Thanks for your prayers and support - We need you!

Steve, Danelle and Merry

PS Please continue to ask God to help us learn Russian so we can reach out with confidence. It’s hard!

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