Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nelson Newsletter – February 2010

3 New Churches in Odessa God has led Timmy Powers and I to be more involved in starting new churches outside of Kiev. We believe He wants us to be more catalytic. Recently, we took our second trip to Odessa to help three new house churches. Misha, Gennady and their wives are leading these new works. Lately, they have been sharing the good news with people in the hospital. Good men! We plan to return with our wives March 5-7. Please pray for God to lead us during this time.
Misha playing guitar Gennady & his wife Lena The joy of the Lord is their strength

Baptism of 7 New Believers It was a joy to see these new Christians celebrate their new life by being baptized, especially because we know them personally, and we have been praying for their salvation! Bagdon is baptizing Oksana, one of the orphans living at Safe Haven, where Bagdon & Anya are the house parents.

Trip to Dniprodzerjenck (Easy for them to say!) Timmy and I just returned from…yeah, that place. Victor, a local pastor, invited us to come encourage the church, and the students at their mission school. He shares our desire to start new churches- they have already sent out missionaries. I was able to speak with the students about relationships, and how to be secure in God and His love. One young man poured out his heart to us afterwards. He expressed his deep gratitude for the teaching and our time with him.
Sports Camp - June 25-July 4 This camp is to build relationships with teenagers, and to share Christ with them in a variety of ways. If you are interested in coming to help, please contact me. We need you!
Our Prayer Requests:
  • Misha & Gennady, as they lead the new house churches in Odessa.
  • Timmy, Kenyon, Danelle & I as we travel March 5-7 to serve in Odessa.
  • Wisdom and grace to effectively train disciples all over Ukraine and beyond.
  • For our future ministry of starting new churches with Victor in Dniprodzerjenck.

Yours in our Savior’s love,

Steve and Danelle

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