Friday, May 2, 2008

Nelson Newsletter April/May 2008

Greetings! Here are just a few highlights of our ministry this spring.

English Club We are nearing the end of our time with these dear people before our summer break. We will have a few more meetings and a picnic. God has giving us a great love for them, and a desire to see them find eternal life. Please ask God to reveal their need for His forgiveness and new life. We are meeting with Ivan and a few others who are serious about growing in Christ.
Ivan, Luba & Danelle Ira, Maxim & Ivan Victoria
Business Seminar Our friend Dale Dixon teaches a business seminar in the city of Chernigov several times a year. He invited me to come speak last week. It was a privilege to share the gospel on Friday morning at the Prayer Breakfast (right). I met Nikoli and his wife Tanya (left) at the banquet and we connected immediately. The next day Danelle and I spent several hours with them discussing the gospel. They are very interested anback together! God impressed on my heart to simply love them - to be their friends, and leave their salvation to Him. Please pray for them!
 Merry Our baby has grown up and is getting ready to leave the nest! Merry was recently inducted into the National Honor Society (pictured here). She and Danelle will return to Georgia on June 2nd. She will work and attend High School Leadership Training this summer. Then she will enter Georgia College and State. I will arrive in Atlanta on June 23rd to work on our support, and to spend time with many of you, as well as our family. Danelle and I will return to Ukraine on August 27th.
We thank God for each of you, your support, your prayers and your abiding friendship! We wish we could sit down and talk to you all personally. We will do that in heaven!!!
Yours in Christ’s love,

Steve and Danelle

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