Friday, September 3, 2004

Missions Report - September 2004

Dear Friends and Fellow Workers,

The ministry at the University of Georgia has started very well this fall. The house fellowships have multiplied from 3 to 5, giving several young men opportunity to serve in leadership. I have been mentoring Bryan, one of the men, and it has been very encouraging to see him trusting God and loving people. We have several new people in our group, including Jeff, who attends WCC when he is in Woodstock. I have been excited by the honesty and openness among the men when we divide up to pray for each other. I hear similar reports from the women about their prayer time. Praise God!

I began last week preaching outside to students in front of the main library and spoke for 3 hours to a crowd of searching students. strongly encourage discussion and there were very sincere questions being asked by Kenny, Erin, Greg, Zack, Bob and Will. Yes, this is the same Bob and Will from last year! One unbeliever said, “I remember you from last year. I have heard you speak several times before. I really like the way you speak and think you are doing a good job.” Richard Suplita is a Psychology graduate student who is my loyal companion each week for this outreach. My good friends Anne, Louise and Cindy show up weekly to support me and share Christ with the students. Martha Cornet, a member of WCC, spent the entire day with me ministering to the young people. She was awesome! As you can see, it is a team effort, and YOU are a part of this team! I Please pray for hearts to be soft, for me to be bold and some to be saved!

“I myself will tend my sheep and have them lie down, declares the Sovereign LORD . I will search for the lost and bring back the strays. I will bind up the injured and strengthen the weak, but the sleek and the strong I will destroy. I will shepherd the flock with justice. Ezekiel 34:15,16
Family Matters
We have applied to Great Commission Ministries to be missionaries in Ukraine. Yes, you read correctly. Please ask God to continue to show us His will in this huge decision. There are extra expenses incurred in the application process and tutoring in Russian once we are accepted. In addition, we are continuing to raise the majority of our salary through Woodstock Community Church. Your financial support at this time is especially appreciated! We are tentatively planning to move next summer with Grace and Merry. I would go to serve in leadership development, evangelism and church planting. There is also a tremendous need in Ukraine for role models of Christ-centered families and marriages. Danelle would have many opportunities to train women, which is her passion.

Scott spends most of his time managing his painting business. God is using it to teach him how to love difficult people. He and Jasmine are still adjusting to each other. Jasmine is his white Labrador retriever! :-) Whitney really loves teaching art at her new school and her husband Micah is very busy in graduate school and working for his father. They are going to be in a wedding in Pittsburgh over Thanksgiving so we are ALL going up to see Grandmother Millie for the holiday! Julie is learning how to manage a business working at the tea room near their new house while her husband Matthew is teaching art at a private school. Our son, Matt, is learning to trust God for discipline to study with 3 nocturnal roommates at UGA. Stephanie enjoys being a freshman in college, riding her horse and hanging out with her friends. Grace will be on the homecoming court, she sings at church and loves her job at Chick-Fil-A. Merry is adjusting well to high school, learning to play the guitar and hanging out with her sisters and friends. Danelle continues to take care of us, work for Scott and lead women’s Bible studies. We have a home group at our house every week. She is a saint! I am going to run the New Hampshire Marathon on Saturday, October 2nd. Please pray for the old man to run strong for God’s glory. My friend Eric is going to run his first marathon with me. I hope he is still my friend on October 3rd!

Thank you for your support and prayers!


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